When you renew your registration every three years, you need to re-validate with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) so you can continue practising as a registered nurse or midwife.

Implemented in April 2016, revalidation is a straightforward process to allow nurses and midwives to demonstrate they can practise safely and effectively. It encourages them to reflect on the role of the Code in their practice and demonstrate that they are ‘living’ the standards set out within it.

This new process replaces the Prep requirements, and nurses and midwives will have to revalidate every three years to renew their registration.


The Government required more information to be gathered for each registrant so, working with the NMC, Fortesium developed a system that would capture all the required data in a way that wouldn’t prove daunting to the registrants themselves.  The system was also required to be scalable and robust as it would be heavily by registrants entering their details.  It would also need to be user friendly to make sure that entering the required data was as easy as possible.


Using tools and frameworks such as Knockout JS, Microsoft ASP.NET, Bootstrap as well as SQL Server for database needs, Fortesium built a solution that comprised of NServiceBus at the core and MSMQ as transport.

The new system utilises several client-side and server-side validation rules along with an easy to use web interface which allows the alteration of individual records that have validation errors.  The NMC’s nursing register comprises an SQL database, a legacy thick-client application and a collection of batch scripts.

A certain percentage of the nurses who use revalidation need to be investigated and audited, to ensure that all is well with their qualifications and validation.  To facilitate this, Fortesium wrote an application in Dynamic CRM to monitor them.


Fortesium delivered on time and a system that was seen as incredibly popular and easy to use as seen in the quotes below.

“At the beginning of November 2016, we published our second
revalidation quarterly data report. The report shows that the number
of nurses and midwives revalidating the in the second quarter of the
new process is in line with our expectations. September 2016 saw
the largest number of nurses and midwives go through the process
in a single month, with 51,000 due to revalidate.”

“91 percent of all UK-based nurses and midwives on our register have now signed up to NMC
Online. More registrants are now also choosing to provide their equality and diversity data
via this route.”

“Revalidation successfully launched in April 2016, with 90–95 percent of those due to renew
their registration successfully completing the revalidation process each month. The
percentage of registrants lapsing in each of the four UK countries is similar to previous
years’ lapsing rates.”

“75,513 nurses and midwives revalidated between July and September. This means that
over 110,000 nurses and midwives have now completed revalidation. Revalidation rates
across the four UK countries are extremely positive with around 94% of those due to
revalidate doing so successfully. The proportion of nurses and midwives renewing their
registration is in line with previous years and the pattern of revalidation is consistent
between UK countries and between registration types.”

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