Data transfers are an essential part of system integration and managing this in a reliable, fast and secure way is essential to your business process flow.

Simple and easy, publish or subscribe communication over any transport on premise or in the cloud, NServiceBus is the most popular Service Bus for the .NET framework.

With NServiceBus you get enterprise grade scalability and reliability for your workflows and integrations without messy XML configuration.

Reliability comes as standard.  With configurable logic mechanisms to retry on failure as well as task scheduling you can monitor queues for incoming commands, events and message envelopes as well as error queues.

Get an immediate and complete view of your system clearly and logically. If you are in different phases of development, testing or production, get the system information you need.

Out of the box functionality includes system debugging, removing messages from queues and purging messages.

Retry failed messages
Move messages from error queue to its original queue
High performance and scalability
Reliable integration with automatic retries
Workflow and background task scheduling
Centralized auditing of all message flows
Publish and Subscribe support for reduced coupling
Replication-free for cross-site communication
Supports multiple transports, out-of-the-box
Easy to extend and configure
Runs on Amazon, Azure, Websphere, Biztalk and more