Legacy Software Modernisation

Bringing your old software suite up to date

A lot of our established clients have a range of different systems which have been in production for several years. Although these systems still perform well there comes a time when the business looks at replacing these systems to gain business benefits from newer technologies.

Although this modernisation process seems straightforward we have noticed that many clients get bewildered by the enormity of the task, the business risk and the very high cost. Failure is not an option!

It is Fortesium’s goal to ensure that the business benefits of a legacy software modernisation project are maximised. We work closely with our clients to:

  • Understand our clients optimum business goal
  • Establish a realistic cost structure and ensure key stakeholders are behind the costs and benefits
  • Fully understand their original systems to cherry pick the good and important features with a view to transporting them to the new system
  • Review each business process and reengineer them if required
  • Find the most appropriate technical solution
  • Deliver a clear project overview to our clients so they understand how the new system will deliver tangible and intangible business benefits
  • Develop, test and implement the solution

For experience we know that a successful legacy modernisation project is one that delivers clear business benefits and is a lot more than just a technology replacement.