Regulator Online

Comprehensive regulatory membership management solution

Everything your regulatory organisation needs to manage a Register of its members, in one comprehensive software package.

More than just a CRM, much more than a membership system.

Built around your needs and requirements and with your register at it’s heart, Regulator Online™ provides complete, flexible, modular applications which manage and interact with the register and with your key stakeholders both internal and external to ensure the smooth operation of your business.


Management and reporting module allowing a full search of the register with the ability to cross reference past cases, track usage of the system, manage and upload documents, records, case histories, create bespoke lists and reports, interlink with financial systems and manage meetings and diaries, tracking and managing all tasks.

Fitness to Practice Procedure

Case management module which can interlink with external systems to automate communication and process for managing FTP cases. Customisable to match to regulators processes and can include an API to allow complaints to be made and registered through each organisation’s homepage.

Identity Checker

Provides complete security for your register, validate the identity of new or existing registrants utilising face recognition software and online databases.

Payment Manager

Make it easy for your registrants to pay their annual subscriptions and other payments quickly and securely online with Regulator Online’s secure payment functionality.

Register Search

A powerful tool which allows detailed search and reporting functions pulling directly from the database. This functionality can be used to automate and distribute regular reports or make specific interrogations of the register and export into all standard office formats.


Track registrants qualifications and CPD and allow them to create a bespoke E-Portfolio, which will also highlight gaps in an individuals training or knowledge and recommend training courses or qualifications to fill those gaps.

HEI Portfolio

HEI’s can enter newly qualified professionals onto the register as soon as they qualify which then generates an automatic email to the individual reminding them to register with you as their regulatory body. Also cross check qualification, when a registrant enters the details to ensure the qualification and grade are correct and validated on the database.

Register Search

Form generation, diary and communication tool, design specific communication for all registrants on the system, automate alerts and calls to action, create newsletters, provide updates, remind registrants when they need to re-validate.


A dedicated online portal for registrants which allows them to apply for inclusion in the register, enter and update their required forms, make payments and update personal details. They can also upload documents and information to the system.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council is the worlds largest healthcare regulator with over 700,000 professionals on their register.