Dynamics CRM and Azure Service Bus Queues Messaging over the cloud


Dynamics CRM and Azure service bus integration Part 2

How to register the service bus queue in the plugin registration tool

Following on from our series of posts showing how you can use the Dynamics CRM-Connector, this post details how you register a service bus queue in the  plugin registration tool.

Download and install the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Software Development Kit, open up the plugin registration tool and connect to your organisation.

  1. Click Register -> Register New Service Endpoint
  2. Choose connection string and paste the Primary Connection String from the SAS policy created earlier

  3. After clicking next – you should see the full connection details, click [Save] to continue
  4. To receive messages sent across the service bus the CRM-Connecter requires a service endpoint id.  To generate a service endpoint id, register a new step against the service endpoint.  The actual parameters supplied in the registration are not important; we just require the service endpoint id that gets generated.
  5. After a new step has been registered a new service point id will have been created.   We will use this id in the configuration of the Fortesium CRM-Connector plugin.

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